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Birthdate:May 21
Location:Washington, United States of America
Some people know me as the coatcheck person from the way-back Catwalk when people in black still went there every Saturday night. I used to be found out at the Vogue and the Mercury fairly often and I still miss MachineWerks but now I'm more hermited in my house overlooking the Sound watching the eagles and listening to the water . . . and trying to prevent the cats from killing each other.

I'm a grad school drop-out. I completed about half of the work towards a Masters in Music Composition. Right about the time I was finishing my Bachelor of Music in Oboe Performance I at long last came to terms with my pure hatred of performance and my unwillingness to subject myself to life as a symphonic whore playing only the standards that I was less interested in. So I finished my degree and then continued my education in composition. Then I got sidetracked and moved to Seattle. I generally do not regret straying from that path. Occasionally I miss the more dedicated involvement in art and academia, but my education serves me well towards creating a richer, more interesting life. Music, writing, tech. work: They are all related modes of thinking as far as I'm concerned.

There are other details about me that I don't generally talk too much about, like my Catholicism or my workers-rights Socialist views. I have strong views on orientation and gender roles and sometimes I air them.

I love words and ideas and so I write things, here and elsewhere, including for two very specialized blogs: Gongfu Girl: Discovering the way of tea, one cup at a time, which is all about tea and Kunstmobil: The Plastic Arts of PLAYMOBIL®.

If I know you I might add you to my Friends list and I have a tendency to add people after I've had some sort of positive interaction with them in person or if I accidentally identify who they are or if they post things I find interesting. I also sometimes add people I have not met in the flesh if there seems to be a compelling mutual interest or intent. Don't be alarmed. No expectations.

All of our books are on , along with several reviews written by either of us.

Interests (101):

ad reinhart, andrei tarkovsky, androgyny, animal skeletons, anne carson, annie dillard, artichokes, barry lopez, benjamin britten, bisexuality, black cats, black river stones, black truffles, brian eno, cabaret voltaire, capuchin monkeys, catholicism, cephalopods, christian mysticism, claremont, covenant, crows, delicious monster software, derek jarman, drag princesses, enlightenment, entymology, erik satie, etymology, feminism, ferrets, finnish accordions, flying buttresses, franz marc, gender issues, german expressionism, glass harmonicas, gongfu tea, gothic arches, gothic archies, gothic revival, hawks, hildegard von bingen, hungarian folk music, hurdy gurdies, igor stravinsky, jack fairy, jays, john cage, julio cortazar, kate bush, kwan-yin, literature, makharovs, marc almond, marcel duchamp, martin amis, michael nyman, minimalism, morocco, moss-covered concrete, music concrete, neko baki, old machines, oolong, peter greenaway, peter murphy, plumbing hardware, poisons, prague, project pitchfork, reliquaries, retrotech, robert wilson, roland barthes, rubies, russian icons, saffron, sake, sergei prokofiev, siamangs, social justice, socialism, spiritual left, stainless steel sex robots, steampunk, tea, the dresden dolls, theramin, thomas merton, thomas pynchon, tikkun, titanium, tokoname kyusu, ukiyo-e, victorian cast iron, vodka, volvo amazons, weasels, wordplay, yixing teapots
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